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SBP#12 Humbled by life

He was laying in a hot bath in his little vintage apartment in the city. It was a salted bath and the room was illuminated by candelight.

From that vantage point, he could see how rich he was. The whole apartment was only 600 square feet, but now, because of this scene and his view and sudden realization , he was becoming a king.

Most people in this area where he lived would say he was lacking, even struggling, but in this light he saw abundance.

He saw that the salts in his humble bath came from the great ancient seas. He saw that in his home were art renditions from great masters. He noticed that his furniture came from craftsmen around the world, maybe through World Market, but nonetheless from craftsmen from distant lands.

Through his speakers, second hand,  was music from the finest composers, played by the finest musicians from around the world.

The most famous playrights and the most famous actors performed their most telling tales upon his command through his television.

Poets, popes, and kings visited his home through their words.

When he was cold, the electronic servants would warm every room to his liking. When warm, those servants would miraculously cool the air itself. He could summon any grocery merchant he wished and they would provide him with exotic fruits, delicious breads, and fresh game.

When he went out, he feared no highwaymen because there was a garrison to protect him. His wife was beautiful and faithful, his best friend and closest companion for many years. She gave him bright, cheerful, and precocious daughters, who grew up and brought even more beautiful children into his household, continuing his lineage to the great respect and admiration of all.

As he pondered his days, he now wondered what he had done that such grace would be showered upon him. He buried his head on his knees, fell into the waters, and cried the tears of joy of a man humbled by the grace he knew he did not deserve, yet overcome that it was given to him through no merit of his own.

He was no big man. Just a fine con called life humbled by its own being. So be it.

Source: Shared by RH on my conversation which can be read at Don't forget to reply.

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